Buzzard and Day Triumph

jsra-logo-transCarnarvon’s Jack Buzzard and Narrogin’s Brody Day, last night claimed the 2019 Fab Martinelli Cup, which doubled as the 2019 North West Championships at Carnarvon Speedway.

After a great first night of racing action, night two again promised great things and the Junior Sedan competitors surely did not disappoint.

Travis Strelley started the night with a heat win in the New Star Junior Sedans, before local hero Jack Buzzard would taste success for the first time of the night.

Come the feature race, Buzzard and Strelley would start on the front row, with Buzzard making the better jump and leading into the first turn. Strelley was slow to move away, which allowed Jayden Blackburn to move his Hyundai Excel up into second position. It wouldn’t be long and Strelley would soon start to attack the back bumper of Jayden Blackburn, making his way past for second.

Buzzard continued to lead and withstood some late race challenges from Travis Strelley, who was trying everything to get past. Jack Buzzard would go on to record the feature race win, which included two crowns; the Fab Martinelli Cup and North West Championships. Travis Strelley would finish a gallant second ahead of Jayden Blackburn, Jaidyn Turner and Jacob Bell.

Brody Day and Kurtis Blackburn began the night in the best possible way, winning their opening heats of the night in the Top Star Junior division. Geraldton’s Rory Elsum-Beaumont returned for night two of action, after not completing a race on Saturday evening and won the third heat of the night, before Brody Day would again defeat his fellow competitor to go through the qualifying heats undefeated.

Brody Day would start the twenty lap feature from pole position courtesy of his two heat race wins, as the final race of the weekend for the juniors promised greatness. The charge of the light brigade would come from behind, as Kurtis Blackburn looked for a pass on Day, while Rory Elsum-Beaumont, Bradley Short, Jasmine Arnold, Jared Coutts and Blake Webb had a tremendous battle for the minor positions, which continued for multiple laps.

Bradley Short, in his final Junior Sedan race would soon fall off the pace, with continuing mechanical dramas on-board his number nineteen machine. While sitting on third position, Jared Coutts would soon retire from the event with a flat tyre, ending his weekend, which saw him again put up a challenge to some of the states best racers.

Brody Day continued to lead, as Kurtis Blackburn tried everything to get to the race lead. Even with a couple of yellow light stoppages, Day continued to lead, as Jasmine Arnold further back in the field started her charge towards the front. Dane Francis was having a great night at the office and was keeping up with the leading pack. Tanika Webb, David Andreoli, Bradley Chant, Chayse Jackson and Zach Tattam continued to circulate, battling for positions.

With only a handful of laps remaining, it became apparent that the final race of the 2018/2019 JSRA season would go right down to the final lap, as Kurtis Blackburn continued to harass race leader Brody Day. Blake Webb, also in his final Junior Sedan race now found himself in third place, as Jasmine Arnold continued to race with Rory Elsum-Beaumont.

With the white flag flying, a grandstand finish was well and truly in store, as Blackburn looked for any opportunity to get past Brody Day. The duo moved down the back straight side by side, which continued right through the final turn and down the main straight in sight of the finish line. As the checkered flag flew, the winning margin would be 0.029 seconds, with Brody Day just pipping Kurtis Blackburn for the Fab Martinelli Cup and North West Championships. Blake Webb would finish third, ahead of Jasmine Arnold and Rory Elsum-Beaumont.

At the end of racing, Blake Webb would thank his parents and family for their support throughout his seven year Junior Sedan career, as well as the Martinelli family for all of the help to get him to this point in his career. Webb also thank the JSRA for giving him the opportunity to race with some of the best junior competitors and helping him gain the skills required to be one of Australia’s leading Junior Sedan competitors.

This weekend would not have been possible without the support of Jason and Shannan Webb of Webbcrete, along with the Carnavon Speedway who hosted a fantastic weekend of racing action. Last night was also a great opportunity to celebrate the continued contribution that JSRA Life Member, Fab Martinelli gives to our club, as well as the entire speedway scene throughout the nation.

Attention will now turn to the JSRA Trophy Night and Presentation Evening to be held on Saturday June 22nd at the Canning Districts Social Club. All members are reminded that to be eligible for end of season trophies, prizes and tow money, they must be present at this evening. For tickets, please contact Kirsten Derrick via email ([email protected]) by the 10th of June. Adults are $30 and Juniors are $20.

Official Results:
New Star Junior Sedan Feature: 1. W79 Jack Buzzard, 2. W17 Travis Strelley, 3. W171 Jayden Blackburn, 4. W44 Jaidyn Turner, 5. W72 Jacob Bell

Top Star Junior Sedan Final: 1. W8 Brody Day, 2. W17 Kurtis Blackburn, 3. W108 Blake Webb, 4. W28 Jasmine Arnold, 5. W26 Rory Elsum-Beaumont, 6. W21 Dane Francis, 7. W343 Tanika Webb, 8. W5 David Andreoli, 9. W52 Bradley Chant, 10. W71 Chayse Jackson, 11. W6 Zach Tattam DNF: W77 Jared Coutts, W19 Bradley Short

Thank you to Webbcrete for their valued support of the JSRA this weekend.
Thank you to Webbcrete for their valued support of the JSRA this weekend.
Top Star Junior Sedans - 2nd Kurtis Blackburn, 1st Brody Day, 3rd Blake Webb
Top Star Junior Sedans – 2nd Kurtis Blackburn, 1st Brody Day, 3rd Blake Webb
New Star Junior Sedans - 2nd Travis Strelley, 1st Jack Buzzard, 3rd Jayden Blackburn
New Star Junior Sedans – 2nd Travis Strelley, 1st Jack Buzzard, 3rd Jayden Blackburn
Blake Webb celebrating a highly successful Junior Sedan career!
Blake Webb celebrating a highly successful Junior Sedan career!

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