About Us & History

about-us-previewThe Junior Speedway Racing Association seeks to provide young and up and coming Junior Sedan drivers the relevant skills, opportunities and development courses to enable them to gain the relevant knowledge to succeed both on and off the track. This enables drivers to enhance their skills to exceptional levels, and ultimately create drivers ready to face the challenges of senior racing.

We recognise the importance of Junior Sedans in the Speedway community and seek to provide a positive, informative environment for these individuals to grow into skilled, strong and smart drivers.

JSRA Life Members:
Maud Brado
Tom Green
Murray Herbert
Gail Griffiths
Ray Tulk
Jo McCann
John Cooper
Darryl Haythornwaite
Fab Martinelli
Des Alfirevich
Wendy Martinelli
Adam Arnold

Tina Lizzi