Month: June 2018

2018/2019 Committee Announced

The Junior Speedway Racing Association members met on Saturday afternoon for the election of the 2018/2019 Committee. It was great to see some new names nominating for positions for what promises to be yet another successful season of Junior Sedan action.

The JSRA welcomes the 2018/2019 committee:
President: Jason Webb
Vice President: Adam Arnold
Secretary: Shannan Webb
Treasurer: Kirsten Derrick

Chief Technical Officer: Chris Davies
Assisting Technical Officer: Andrew Day

Social Secretary: Caroline Malcolm

Publicity Officer: Mitch Berliner

Committee Members:
Craig Derrick
Dave Southwell
Connie Arnold
Travis Southwell

The JSRA would like to welcome our new committee members for the upcoming season and of course must thank those who have stepped down following the 2017/2018 season. Your contributions to our club are very much appreciated!

JSRA Celebrates 2017/2018 Season

jsra-logo-transThe Junior Speedway Racing Association of WA celebrated yet another fantastic season of Junior Sedan racing on Saturday evening, with their annual Presentation Evening held at Kingsway Bar and Bistro.

With just over a hundred people in attendance; drivers, crew and supporters joined life members, invited guests and the 2017/2018 committee to celebrate all of the efforts of our amazing members throughout the past summer speedway season.

Once again, our drivers excelled in their presentation and professionalism, which was commented on by many throughout the night, including Perth Motorplex Track Chaplain Terry Dorrington who commended all drivers on the night.

Our awards for 2017/2018 were as follows:
Most Improved New Star Junior Driver: 
Jasmine Arnold
Most Improved Top Star Junior Driver: Nikita Donohoe
Rookie of the Year – Country Super Series: Chloe Dellar
Sportsperson of the Year: Jade McKeagg
Driver with Potential – New Stars: Jasmine Arnold
Driver with Potential – Top Star: Tanika Webb
The Rolley Polley Award: Montana Pack
Best Presented Car & Crew (New Star): Team Dellar
Best Presented Car & Crew (Top Star): Team Davies
Black Cat Award: Alex Swift & Luke Malcolm

Team Australia Presentations

  • Blake Webb
  • Jasmine Arnold
  • Jackson Derrick
  • Jade McKeagg
  • Luke Malcolm
  • Alex Swift
  • Dylan Parkes
  • Hayden Mortimer
  • Blake Fletcher
  • Tanika Webb

Drivers Driver Award: Blake Fletcher

Gifts for Parting Drivers

  • Nui Andrews
  • Blake Fletcher
  • Dylan Parkes

President’s Award: Shannan Webb

JSRA Metropolitan Series Awards
New Star Fairest and Best: Kayne Dellar
Top Star Fairest and Best “Ray Tulk Medal”: Jackson Derrick

New Star Top 4 Points
4th – Jasmine Arnold – 103 Pts
3rd – Jade McKeagg – 143 Pts
2nd – Darryl George – 179 Pts
1st – Kayne Dellar – 431 Pts

Top Star Top 4 Points
4th – Blake Webb – 235 Pts
3rd – Lachlan Dellar – 269 Pts
2nd – Jackson Derrick – 305 Pts
1st – Blake Iwanow – 326 Pts

JSRA Country Super Series Awards
New Star Fairest and Best: Jhy Pack
Top Star Fairest and Best: Blake Webb

New Star Top 4 Points
4th – Brandon Buszan – 377 Pts
3rd – Montana Pack – 434 Pts
2nd – Jhy Pack – 713 Pts
1st – Kayne Dellar – 823 Pts

Top Star Top 4 Points
4th – Lachlan Dellar – 444 Pts
3rd – Dylan Parkes – 456 Pts
2nd – Blake Fletcher – 570 Pts
1st – Blake Webb – 665 Pts

Overall Club Championship
New Star Junior Sedan Overall Club Champion
5th – Brandon Buszan – 377 Pts
4th – Jasmine Arnold – 378 Pts
3rd – Montana Pack – 460 Pts
2nd – Jhy Pack – 802 Pts
1st – Kayne Dellar – 1254 Pts

Ultra Tune Malaga Top Star Overall Club Champion
5th – Bryden Southwell – 482 Pts
4th – Blake Fletcher – 570 Pts
3rd – Jackson Derrick – 650 Pts
2nd – Lachlan Dellar – 713 Pts
1st – Blake Webb – 900 Pts

We would like to congratulate all of our drivers for another successful season and look forward to another big season in 2018/2019.

Speedway Australia’s 2017 Photographer of the Year, Peter Roebuck was on hand to take some great photos throughout the night, which will be uploaded to our website in the coming days.