Month: October 2019

Juniors to the Motorplex!

For the first time this season the Junior Sedans will head to the high banks of the Perth Motorplex as part of the Metro Series, with nine nominations received.

The opening round of the series was held just over a fortnight ago at Ellenbrook Speedway with Blake Iwanow taking out the first feature win of the JSRA season and he will be keen to continue that form. Iwanow already has two career wins at the Motorplex venue, both in the last season and now, fresh off not just his feature win at Ellenbrook plus another last weekend at Bunbury in a non-series race) but also after being crowned the Junior Sedan Track Championship at Ellenbrook Speedway, as well as the overall club champion, he will be a tough nut to crack.

Kayne Dellar came home second at Ellenbrook and was fifteenth overall at the Perth Motorplex last season. He has nominated for this weekend and will be keen to take it to Iwanow, but will see a serious challenge from Izak Davies who was second in the Perth Motorplex Track Championship last season with two podium results. He has previously grabbed one feature win at the venue and came home eighth in the opening round of this years Series and will now be keen to bounce back with an even better result this Saturday night.

Bryden Southwell was third overall last year at the Perth Motorplex with two podium finishes, but has yet to break through for that elusive feature win. He was fourth in the opening feature at Ellenbrook a couple of weeks ago and will be keen to better that result while Chloe Dellar is also in the field having come home fifth in the opening round feature. She too has competed at the Motorplex previously, 25th overall in last years series while Jasmine Arnold, who was an unfortunate DNF in the opening round, was twelfth overall last year at the Motorplex with a twelfth and a DNF in the two rounds she contested. All three of these drivers are in the field and will be keen for big results this Saturday night.

Some of the newer drivers in the field are also capable of turning heads. Olivia Earle was fifth overall in her first year at the Perth Motorplex and has had a solid off season, while Brock Lake is also back this Saturday night having run just one show here at the venue last season. Even newer than these two drivers though is Locky Comley who will be competing in just his third ever meeting, simply excited to be racing where his idols raced!

It will be another great show for the division and the Junior Sedans will get three six lap heats prior to their ten lap feature, with the first race scheduled to be held at 5.30pm, so make sure you are at the track early!

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Official Nominations – 9 

WA1 Blake Iwanow

W5 Kayne Dellar

W11 Brock Lake

W26 Jasmine Arnold

W63 Bryden Southwell 

W71 Olivia Earle

W74 Locky Comley

W95 Izak Davies

W295 Chloe Dellar

Iwanow and Smith Claim Opening Night Honours

As one season ends, another one begins and such was the case at Ellenbrook Speedway last night as the track hosted its final event for the 2019 season, with the JSRA holding the opening round of the 2019/20 Metro Series.

A good field of eleven Top Stars and sixteen New Stars front for action and they certainly put on a show throughout the evening, with three and four wide racing across both divisions.

In the Top Stars Beau Oldfield claimed the opening heat while Blake Iwanow was first across the line in the second, the duo qualifying on the front row for the twelve lap feature event.

As the race went green Oldfield would race away into the lead as Iwanow, debuting a brand new car, dropped to fourth. Kayne Dellar and Bryden Southwell would move to second and third respectively, but it only took Iwanow a lap to get back by Southwell for third and then another lap to pass Dellar for second.

Iwanow then set out after Oldfield, chasing him down and making the pass for the lead on lap seven. Oldfield didn’t give up and fought back but was unable to make the move, Iwanow going on to claim yet another feature win at Ellenbrook Speedway for the season, while Oldfield was second and Dellar held on for third.

In the New Star division, Tylah Steele and Olivia Smith shared the opening round heat wins while Jasmin Kennedy and Lexi Smith grabbed wins in the second round. These four drivers would start in the front two rows for the feature, with Lexi Smith getting the jump and racing away from Kennedy, Steele and sister Olivia.

Kennedy would drop back to fifth on the second lap, with Olivia Smith making the moves to grab second while Tylah Steele would drop to fourth as Axel Fiedler made his presence felt amongst the very quick group of females.

Steele would pass Fiedler back for third shortly after, the top three of Smith, Smith and Steele racing away and despite fighting through heavy lapped traffic, the order would remain unchanged as they crossed the line. Despite this, stewards would deem Steele to have made contact with another car earlier in the race and relegate her to fifth, leaving Lexi Smith officially the winner from Olivia Smith and Kennedy.

The next round of the JSRA Metro Series will be the 2nd of November at the Perth Motorplex.

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Pictures Courtesy Peter Roebuck.

Official Results

New Stars Feature, 12 laps: 1. W75 Tylah Steele, 2. W133 Lexi Smith, 3. W49 Jasmin Kennedy, 4. W13 Olivia Smith, 5. W71 Olivia Earle, 6. W29 Deagan McNally, 7. W31 Billy Heal, 8. W98 Axel Fiedler, 9. W51 Kiastyn Oldfield, 10. W11 Brock Lake, 11. W144 Luke Martin, 12. W12 Mikayla Steele, 13. W74 Locky Comley, 14. W83 Kai Leeson, 15. W33 Matilda Hull, 16. W211 Jimahli Nunn Mohammed Dom.


1. W133 Lexi Smith, 2. W13 Olivia Smith, 3. W49 Jasmin Kennedy, 4. W98 Axel Fiedler, 5. W75 Tylah Steele, 6. W29 Deagan McNally, 7. W31 Billy Heal, 8. W71 Olivia Earle, 9. W51 Kiastyn Oldfield (11), 10. W144 Luke Martin (11), 11. W83 Kai Leeson (11), 12. W12 Mikayla Steele (11), 13. W74 Locky Comley (10), 14. W33 Matilda Hull (10), 15. W211 Jimahli Nunn Mohammed Dom (9). DNS: W11 Brock Lake. Total Time: 5.00.448. Winning Margin: 4.343. Fastest Lap: 24.474 W133 Lexi Smith.

Top Stars Feature, 12 laps: 1. W84 Beau Oldfield, 2. WA1 Blake Iwanow, 3. W5 Kayne Dellar, 4. W17 Kurtis Blackburn, 5. W63 Bryden Southwell, 6. W87 Riley Hanson, 7. W295 Chloe Dellar, 8. W95 Izak Davies, 9. W13 Elysha Cooper, 10. W22 Dean Schofield, 11. W26 Jasmine Arnold.


1. WA1 Blake Iwanow, 2. W84 Beau Oldfield, 3. W5 Kayne Dellar, 4. W63 Bryden Southwell, 5. W295 Chloe Dellar, 6. W17 Kurtis Blackburn, 7. W13 Elysha Cooper, 8. W95 Izak Davies, 9. W87 Riley Hanson, 10. W22 Dean Schofield. DNF: W26 Jasmine Arnold (6). Total Time: 4.44.946. Winning Margin: 3.247. Fastest Lap: 23.418 WA1 Blake Iwanow.

New Stars – Olivia Smith, Lexi Smith, Jasmin Kennedy (not pictured)
Top Stars – Beau Oldfield, Blake Iwanow, Kayne Dellar