Iwanow and Palmer Dominate

jsra-logo-transRound 5 of the JSRA Country Super Series has been run, won and dominated by a pair of Blake’s at Makit Hardware Narrogin Speedway last night. Current West Australian Junior Sedan Champion, Blake Iwanow and Pingaring’s Blake Palmer have won all three heat races and the final in their respective divisions.

Although only a small field of New Star Junior Sedans were on hand, the youngsters delivered some fantastic racing. Blake Palmer and sister Mackenzie would have a great battle in the opening heat, before Mackenzie suffered some mechanical dramas and would fail to start the remaining heat races. Riley Hanson also had mechanical dramas, which would make his night all that more difficult.

When it came to the final, Blake Palmer continued on leading the field, as Riley Hanson started to mount a charge, before mechanical dramas once again forced him to slow. Mackenzie Palmer returned to the track, but could not match the pace of brother Blake, who would go on to record a strong victory ahead of Riley Hanson and Mackenzie Palmer. Brock Lake had a consistent night and stayed out of trouble to finish fourth and was also given an award by Narrogin Club President, Darren Aylmore for holding his line while being passed throughout the night.

As we have come to expect, the Top Star Junior Sedan racing was extremely entertaining, even with car numbers down. Blake Iwanow got off to the best possible start to the night, winning all three heat races, while Izak Davies, Blake Webb and Brody Day would battle in every heat for the minor places.

Come the twenty lap final, Iwanow once again got to the race lead and would not be headed, while Kurtis Blackburn settled into second position. Izak Davies battled with Blake Webb and Brody Day early in the race, before moving clearly into third position, leaving Webb and Day to battle it out for fourth and fifth. The pair raced side by side and jostled for position for the majority of the first fifteen laps of the race, before Day would hit a rut and spin, causing a yellow light.

Jasmine Arnold and Nikita Donohoe as they have done all season raced hard all night, which continued into the final before Arnold would retire from the event with mechanical dramas.

With five laps remaining, the green lights returned and Blake Webb looked eager to make a pass to move into a podium finishing position. Izak Davies would not give it over easily and raced hard with Webb for the remaining laps, but it was all Blake Iwanow who would lead from start to finish the claim Round 5 of the series ahead of Kurtis Blackburn, Izak Davies and Blake Webb. Brody Day would work his way passed Nikita Donohoe to finish in fifth and sixth place respectively.

The JSRA thanks Cranecorp Australia for their support of Round 5 of the JSRA Country Super Series and thank Makit Hardware Narrogin Speedway for once again holding a round of the series.

Attention will now turn to Round 6 of the JSRA Country Super Series which will be held on Saturday May 11th at the Pithara Speedway, which will include the annual running of the Fab Martinelli Cup.

Official Results
New Star Junior Sedan Final: 1. W73 Blake Palmer, 2. W87 Riley Hanson, 3. W173 Mackenzie Palmer, 4. W11 Brock Lake

Top Star Junior Sedan Final: 1. W1 Blake Iwanow, 2. W17 Kurtis Blackburn, 3. W95 Izak Davies, 4. W108 Blake Webb, 5. W8 Brody Day, 6. W67 Nikita Donohoe DNF: W26 Jasmine Arnold

Thank you to Rick and Sara Musarra from Cranecorp Australia for their ongoing support of the JSRA.
Thank you to Rick and Sara Musarra from Cranecorp Australia for their ongoing support of the JSRA.

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