Another Exciting Junior Season Underway

jsra-logo-transBlake Iwanow and Beau Oldfield have last night won the opening round of the JSRA Metropolitan Junior Sedan Series at Ellenbrook Speedway in their respective divisions. With close to thirty junior sedan drivers in both New and Top Stars, the racing did not disappoint with some close, hard racing in all heat and feature races.

In the New Stars, a number of drivers were towards the pointy end of the field in each of the heat races, with Matthew Thomson, Kayne Dellar and Beau Oldfield recording a victory each. Possum Lawrence would find herself upside down in the second heat of the night, however there was little damage to the car and she returned for the following heat.

When it came down to the feature race, Jhy Pack and Beau Oldfield would make a quick start, though Kalgoorlie’s Kayne Dellar would soon close in on his fellow races. Throughout the entire field, the drivers were fighting hard for positions, which ultimately saw a couple of yellow light stoppages after contact between cars. After the stoppages, Kayne Dellar started to launch his attack on Beau Oldfield. The race would be cut short however, when Montana Pack would have a half spin and a soft roll in turn two. Beau Oldfield was awarded the race victory over Kayne Dellar and Jhy Pack.

In the Top Star division, it would be a battle of the Excels throughout the heat races, with the Hyundai’s featuring prominently in all heats. Blake Iwanow, who in his own words has had no luck of late, came out all guns blazing winning each of the three heat races comfortably. Jesse Steele and Alex Swift would begin the afternoon well, finishing second and third in the opening heat.

It would soon become a battle of the Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI) cars, with the positions anyone’s for the taking. The Hyundai’s of Lachlan Dellar, Jackson Derrick, Ethan Cooper, Corey Ameduri and the Daihatsu Charade of Blake Webb figured prominently in each of the heat races, battling closely for positions.

Blake Iwanow would start the feature from pole position and was joined by Lachlan Dellar on the front row. Iwanow would make a quick getaway and lead from Lachlan Dellar, Ethan Cooper and Jackson Derrick who would soon make a pass for third. The race would soon see its first stoppage with Nikita Donohoe spinning, leaving Tanika Webb no where to go, but straight into Donohoe ending the night for both drivers.

As the green flag flew again, Blake Iwanow would again charge away from the field, with Lachlan Dellar and Jackson Derrick fighting hard for the minor places. After another stoppage, Blake Webb and Corey Ameduri would soon move through the field, as Beau Doyle, Jackson Derrick and Alex Swift would all retire in quick succession. Blake Iwanow continue to move away with a commanding lead, which would ultimately see him victorious by an amazing 10.233 seconds ahead of Lachlan Dellar and Blake Webb.

For the JSRA, attention will now turn to the opening round of the JSRA Country Super Series, which will take place at the Makit Hardware Narrogin Speedway on Saturday October 21st 2017, with racing getting underway from 3pm. Round 2 of the JSRA Metropolitan Series will head to the Perth Motorplex on Saturday the 4th of November, which will be another great opportunity to showcase the excellent Junior Sedan racing at the state’s leading motorsport venue.

Official Results:
New Star Junior Sedans Feature – 10 laps: 1. W84 Beau Oldfield, 2. W95 Kayne Dellar, 3. W98 Jhy Pack, 4. W15 Matthew Thomson, 5. W22 Dean Schofield, 6. W26 Jasmine Arnold, 7. W73 Darryl George, 8. W13 Elysha Cooper, 9. W18 Jade McKeagg, 10. W195 Erika Vary, 11. W66 Possum Lawrence, 12. W101 Sam Moody, 13. W75 Tylah Steele. DNF W78 Montana Pack (6). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: Declared. Fastest Lap: 24.321 W95 Kayne Dellar.

Top Star Junior Sedans Feature – 15 laps: 1. W24 Blake Iwanow, 2. W195 Lachlan Dellar, 3. W108 Blake Webb, 4. W31 Ethan Cooper, 5. W83 Corey Ameduri, 6. W5 Bronty Fraser (14), 7. W63 Bryden Southwell (14). DNF: W7 Alex Swift (12), W27 Jackson Derrick (10), W51 Beau Doyle (10), W95 Tanika Webb (0), W67 Nikita Donohoe (0). DNS: W22 Jesse Steele. Total Time: 5.55.288. Winning Margin: 10.233. Fastest Lap: 23.452 W24 Blake Iwanow.

Possum Lawrence on her way to rolling - Picture by Peter Roebuck
Possum Lawrence on her way to rolling – Picture by Peter Roebuck


The New Star Junior Sedan action at Ellenbrook Speedway - Picture by Peter Roebuck
The New Star Junior Sedan action at Ellenbrook Speedway – Picture by Peter Roebuck


Lachlan Dellar and Jackson Derrick fighting hard for position - Picture by Peter Roebuck
Lachlan Dellar and Jackson Derrick fighting hard for position – Picture by Peter Roebuck

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