Country Series Returns in Mighty Fashion

jsra-logo-transKayne Dellar and Jorj Park have started their 2017/2018 JSRA Country Super Series campaigns in the best possible way, claiming Round 1 for their respective division at Makit Hardware Narrogin Speedway on Saturday night.

Jhy Pack led the charge in the New Stars, claiming the opening two heats of the night, while his sister Montana would have a night to forget, rolling her Daihatsu Charade in a spectacular fashion in not only the first, but also the second heat of the night. This would ultimately end her night, with some serious damage and a lot of work required before her next race meeting.

Kayne Dellar started to figure prominently, claiming the third and final heat of the night. Dellar would also make the best of the start in the final and charge away to a commanding, half a lap lead, while Jhy Pack sat comfortably in second and Jasmine Arnold in third.

Jade McKeagg and Mackenzie Palmer would jostle for the final places as Kayne Dellar would go on to record a fantastic win over Jhy Pack and Jasmine Arnold.

With sixteen cars, the field of top stars promised greatness and it did not disappoint, with racing 2, 3 and even 4 wide throughout the night. Lachlan Dellar would drive two very smart races to win his opening two heats of the night, while Nikita Donohoe, Alex Swift, Bradley Short and Dylan Parkes would also win an individual heat race.

Bradley Short and Lachlan Dellar would start the 20 lap final on the front row, which saw Dellar quickly move into the race lead. With light rain starting to fall, Dylan Parkes and Jorj Park would begin their charges through the field. Jorj Park would soon move past Lachlan Dellar to take the race lead, as Blake Webb also started to make his impact on the race. Webb would soon find a way past Lachlan Dellar who persisted to run the low line on the track.

Further back in the field, the racing was thick and fast, with many drivers battling it out for positions. Bradley Short, Alex Swift, Rory Elsum-Beaumont, Blake Fletcher and Izzac Delaporte were all separated by the smallest of margins. As the laps continued to tick over, the positions changed a number of times, with Delaporte soon finding his way to the front of this pack.

As Blake Webb started to close the gap between himself and Jorj Park, the race leader, the yellow lights would come on, with Bryden Southwell and Brody Day making contact on the main straight, leaving Brody Day stranded on the infield. This would close the field up once again and a 7 lap restart was ordered.

All eyes were now on Blake Webb, who quickly started to look for a move for the lead of the race. Dylan Parkes now sat in fourth position and was all over Lachlan Dellar, who made a slow restart. As the laps continued to wind down, Jorj Park started to open a handy buffer between himself and Blake Webb, while Lachlan Dellar continued to hold out Dylan Parkes. The white flag was then shown, where Jorj Park was able to hold out a gallant Blake Webb, ahead of Lachlan Dellar who worked hard to narrowly defeat his fellow Kalgoorlie racer Dylan Parkes for third.

Attention will now turn to Round 2 of the JSRA Metropolitan Series to be held at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday November 4th. The next round of the JSRA Country Super Series will see the return to Kalgoorlie International Speedway on Saturday November 25th.

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Official Results:
New Star Junior Sedan Final: 1. W95 Kayne Dellar, 2. W98 Jhy Pack, 3. W26 Jasmine Arnold, 4. W73 Mackenzie Palmer, 5. W18 Jade McKeagg

Top Star Junior Sedan Final: 1. W74 Jorj Park, 2. W108 Blake Webb, 3. W195 Lachlan Dellar, 4. W23 Dylan Parkes, 5. W88 Izzac Delaporte, 6. W26 Rory Elsum-Beaumont, 7. W19 Bradley Short, 8. W13 Blake Fletcher, 9. W7 Alex Swift, 10. W67 Nikita Donohoe, 11. W2 Tyler Fraser, 12. W63 Bryden Southwell, 13. W8 Brody Day, 14. W119 Joshua Ahearn, 15. W343 Tanika Webb

New Star Junior Sedans - 2nd Jhy Pack, 1st Kayne Dellar, 3rd Jasmine Arnold
New Star Junior Sedans – 2nd Jhy Pack, 1st Kayne Dellar, 3rd Jasmine Arnold
Top Star Junior Sedans - 2nd Blake Webb, 1st Jorj Park, 3rd Lachlan Dellar
Top Star Junior Sedans – 2nd Blake Webb, 1st Jorj Park, 3rd Lachlan Dellar

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