2015/2016 Wind Up Results

Our 2015/2016 has officially come to a close after last nights Wind Up and Trophy Presentation Evening. The Winners were as follows:

Rookie of the Year – Perth Motorplex: Tia Wormall
Rookie of the Year – Country Series: Blake Fletcher
Harder Charger Award: Blake Webb
Star of the Future: Bryden Southwell
Encouragement Awards: Alex Fraser, Zac Minshull, Telieshia Cubbage and Jay Rees
Sportsperson Award – New Stars: Blake Fletcher
Star of the Future: Hayden Fitzpatrick
Driver with Potential – New Stars: Rahni Musarra
Upside Down Club: Mitchell Bosveld
Hard Charger Award: Peter Katona
Sportsperson Award – Top Stars: Jake Avins
Star of the Future: Tanika Webb
Hard Luck Award: Dominic Rifici
Driver with Potential – Top Stars: Chantelle Bate
Best Presented Car – New Stars: Bryden Southwell (Perth Motorplex) & Blake Fletcher (Country Series)
Best Presented Car – Top Stars: Jacob Potts (Perth Motorplex) & Brooke Watson (Country Series)
Encouragement Award: Daniel Erceg, Hayden Mortimer and Brooke Sutton
Best Presented Crew: Potts Racing
Upside Down Club: Hayden Thomas
Quiet Achiever Award: Luke Malcolm
Most Improved Driver Award: Bronty Fraser
Black Cat Award: Isaac Arnold
Encouragement Award: Izzac Delaporte, Thomas Mattin and Luke Sawyer

Acknowledgement to Team Australia Members:
Isaac Arnold (Captain)
Jacob Potts (Vice Captain)
Jake Avins
Jayke Malcolm
Jay Rees
Alex Fraser
Bronty Fraser (Reserve)
Alex Swift (Reserve)

Presidents Award: Mitch Berliner

Acknowledgement to Drivers Retiring from Junior Sedans:
Hayden Thomas
Dominic Rifici
Shannon Marsden
Travis Armstrong
Hayden Fitzpatrick

New Star Fairest and Best (Country Super Series): Blake Fletcher

Top Star Fairest and Best (Country Super Series): Jayke Malcolm

New Star Country Super Series Results:
1st Blake Fletcher – 841 Points
2nd Alex Swift – 656 Points
3rd Izak Davies – 580 Points
4th Luke Malcolm – 468 Points

Top Star Country Super Series Results:
1st Jayke Malcolm – 706 Points
2nd Jake Avins – 526 Points
3rd Jacob Potts – 510 Points
4th Shannon Marsden – 497 Points

Con and Linda Migro New Star Fairest and Best – Perth Motorplex: Alex Swift

Ray Tulk Medal – Top Star Fairest and Best – Perth Motorplex: Jacob Potts

New Star Metropolitan Series Results:
1st Alex Swift – 484 Points
2nd Bryden Southwell – 302 Points
3rd Tia Wormall – 168 Points
4th Jake McKeagg – 164 Points

Top Star Metropolitan Series Results:
1st Travis Armstrong – 385 Points
2nd Hayden Thomas – 326 Points
3rd Jacob Potts – 298 Points
4th Jackson Derrick – 238 Points

New Star Junior Sedan Overall Champion:
1st Alex Swift – 1140 Points
2nd Blake Fletcher – 841 Points
3rd Izak Davies – 699 Points
4th Luke Malcolm – 468 Points
5th Bronty Fraser – 396 Points

Top Star Junior Sedan Overall Champion:
1st Jacob Potts – 808 Points
2nd Jayke Malcolm – 752 Points
3rd Travis Armstrong – 749 Points
4th Hayden Thomas – 674 Points
5th Shannon Marsden – 567 Points

We must congratulate all of our Junior Drivers on their efforts in season 2015/2016 and must thank their families and supporters for their ongoing support of the JSRA. We look forward to continuing the Metropolitan and Country Super Series’ in season 2016/2017!!

Photos from the event can be found on our Facebook page at the following link


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